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VRW Studios, LLC is a small, independent filmmaking company.

Film Trailers

Sometimes It Hurts

A thought provoking story about loss and hope.

For years Rachelle sacrificed herself for strangers. Putting their needs before her own. And then, in a moment, her world was shattered. Her own child was diagnosed with cancer.

In her darkest days, who would come to help the one who had already sacrificed so much for others? And were any of them really strangers after all?

'Sometimes It Hurts' tells a story of personal sacrifice while attempting to help those lacking some of the most basic necessities in life.

Filmed in Kansas City. 

A Life of Consequence

Betty Denham was loved by hundreds. Members of her family share how she contributed to their own lives. And how she continues to affect them to this day. 

Proof that a life well lived lives on.

Passion With a Purpose

A short promotional film with heart.

Does it really matter what you do for a living? Or even how you get there? According to a group of students at Gateway Community College, it does. And they want you to know why.

Filmed in Phoenix, AZ.

Analog Promises

Do you remember when you said 'I do'?

An almost forgotten VHS tape is reborn in a new way and old memories are relived for the first time in decades.

Out of respect for the happy couple, only the intro of their film is shown here.

Other Sheep I Have

A surprising journey through southern Mexico as modern day residents recount a tale told to them by their ancestors.

A group in southern Mexico claimed to have been visited by a mysterious visitor over a hundred years ago—a visitor who walked on air as he travelled through their towns and villages. He told them of a great knowledge that was lost and that would one day be returned to them. Their modern day decedents believe that this was the Book of Mormon.

Filmed across the Yucatán Peninsula in Southern Mexico.

Hi, I'm Tim, an independent filmmaker. I run VRW Studios, LLC. I've been creating things since I was a kid. Short stories, drawings, LEGOs... whatever I could find that let me be creative and make something. And now a few years later (ok, probably more than a few, but who's counting?) I get to create films about amazing stories and share those with other amazing people.  And I love it! So please feel free to check out some of my work-that's what it's there for. And if there's a story that you just really think needs to be told, or if you would like my help with your own project, send me an email. I'm always looking for new ideas and new amazing things to see and share with others. 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy the work produced by VRW Studios as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

Tim Oar

Filmmaker and Owner
VRW Studios, LLC

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